Evan Leed - Attachment Repair and Ideal Parent Figure Protocol Facilitation

I am an artist and meditation teacher originally from New York, currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was authorized to teach on meditation and attachment several years ago by George Haas, with whom I maintain an active mentoring relationship. I also had the fortune to study under the late Dr. Daniel P. Brown for nearly two years in the Ideal Parent Figure Masterclass. I have maintained a daily meditation practice for fifteen years and sat dozens of retreats, dividing my practice equally between Theravadin and Vajrayana traditions. After thousands of hours of developing the Jhanas and working in Mahasi Sayadaw’s Progress of Insight model, I now mainly practice in various Buddhist and Bön Dzogchen lineages.

I specialize in attachment repair using the IPF Protocol and the comprehensive Three Pillars Model developed by Dr. Brown et al. at Harvard University, supplementing this with Mettagroup's meditation techniques for fostering metacognition and emotional regulation. I work with clients at all stages of the healing process, helping them come into greater security, resolve old wounds and traumas, and experience a deeper sense of meaning in both individual pursuits and interpersonal relationships. I am a native English speaker and also fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese, though I only provide facilitation in English.

I am currently taking on clients on a limited basis as my schedule allows. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.